Custom Software Development

Software development is a necessity if your business requires a unique software solution to solve your business problem. IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of a business are required more than ever before, not only to maintain competitive advantage, but simply to remain operationally viable. Qberty Holdings can offer you the most apt software development services to best suit your organization’s requirements. All you need to do is share your requirements with our experts and we shall conjure up a solution that will be both “best fit” for your current needs and highly scalable for future requirements of your business.

Database Development Services

Our Database Development Services will enable your business to centralize data on or off the web. Our experienced database experts will help you select the right database technology and develop a database driven website or a full featured large-scale customer relationship management system that incorporates complex technologies and structure. Our in-depth database development expertise will benefi t your business from increased accessibility, improved security, automated backups, greater market reach and maximized return on investment.

Big Data & Analytic Consulting

In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to quickly collect and accurately analyze the data generated either within the enterprise or gathered from external sources, can be a distinct competitive advantage. A frequent shift in the way the world operates is forcing businesses to rethink strategies and adapt to the swift streams of change. But with such rapid change, on what do you base decisions? Addressing these new challenges and implementing new strategies requires a new way of looking at your business and operations. Real time report is key and should not be under-estimate.

Process Automation and Integration

Both business systems integration and business process automation are necessary every so often for a business to expand and streamline its operations. Transferring information efficiently and effectively is critical to business success. Information that moves slowly presents a real risk to business, whereas a system that facilitates the timely transfer of information can constitute a substantial competitive advantage.

Application Testing Services

Our data quality solution methodology ensures that the deployed solution would reduce the efforts and time involved in manual data quality checks and corrections. We design, develop and deploy automated data cleansing, standardization and matching solution components with streamlined data stewardship process which would improve enterprise data quality in terms of completeness, conformance, integrity and consistency.

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